Julie Ascher

Julie is an abstract artist known for intricately layered and highly-textured two and three--dimensional pieces.

Julie's art emanates from an unquenchable curiosity that -- from her childhood in Baltimore to her current chapter in Los Angeles -- caused her to take apart and then reconstruct the objects around her. Her fascination with "seeing what we can't see unless we take it apart" to discover what layers are hidden beneath the surface informed her understanding of space, balance, structure, texture, and the interplay between light, shadow and perspective.

The images in her head are brought to life using her hands and tools she creates. "I actually enjoy making the tools I use and figuring out how to make what I envision into something real," she says. "By creating what is in my head, I explain something that does not yet exist.

Tree IMG_0117.jpg

Fire & Oak Arts

An oak tree burned in a wildfire became a significant muse and inspired Fire & Oak Arts. "Its ashen, hard, and twisted branches still cast shadows and hover over the regrown landscape. My tree is beauty in chaos, I look for that” she notes. 

Her art plays on the juxtaposition between textures, layers, light and shadow, deconstructing that which surrounds us to gain insight into what lies at the center.

Julie has exhibited her artwork multiple times at the Beverly Hills Art Show in Beverly Hills California, in galleries in Palm Springs California, has exhibited and is a member of the Associated Artists of the Inland Empire, and has pieces in homes and offices in New York, California, Washington, North Carolina and Beijing.

Contact: julie@fireandoakarts.com